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Mercian EVO PRO Kickers

Mercian EVO PRO Kickers

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Age Range Senior

The Mercian Evolution 1 PRO Kickers are the ideal set of kickers for keeps that are developing their goalkeeping skills. The Evolution PRO Kickers are made from the highest quality foam to keep you protected and comfortable while playing matches and training.

Version 2 of the popular Pro kickers. Initially designed by Tommy Alexander (Scotland and GB Keeper) they now feature a reduced tongue and enhanced kicking surface.

The 'long' tongue was a weak point with respect to durability, so an internal change of the legguards shape creates the same 'lock' to reduce rotation, without the need for the big tongue.

The kickers feature an incredible 4-layer internal foam set-up for protection and rebound, allowing any goalkeeper to dominate the kicking space in the circle. The unique shape of the kicking surface now adds an element of toe protection but also squares the medial surface to enhance direction and height control on saves.