Custom Clothing

We specialise in creating unique, high-quality clothing tailored to your team, club or company identity. Choose from advanced techniques like vibrant sublimation, precise embroidery, or durable heat press options. Our dedicated team ensures your vision comes to life, whether for sports teams, events, or work uniforms. We work with you to create options that best suit your requirements, budget and imagination!

Our capability is not limited to shirts or hoodies/fleeces, but hats, socks, jackets too.  Even mugs and soft toys!!


A technique used for sportswear, where the design elements, including logos, colors, and patterns, have been applied using a process called 'sublimation'.

  • Advantages:

    Full-Color Printing: Allows for detailed, full-color, photographic quality prints.

    Seamless: The ink becomes part of the fabric, so there’s no texture or raised feel.

    Durability: The design won’t peel, crack, or fade since it’s embedded in the fabric.

  • Limitations:

    Fabric Colour:
    Primarily for white or light-colored polyester fabrics.

  • Best For:

    Detailed and colorful designs. The complexity of the the design does NOT increase the cost.


Embroidery involves stitching designs directly into the fabric using thread.

  • Advantages

    Durability: Extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions, washing, and heavy use.

    Premium Look: Offers a high-quality, professional, and textured appearance.

    Versatility: Suitable for a variety of fabrics and garment types.

  • Limitations

    Design Complexity: Highly detailed or small text/designs can be challenging.

    Cost: Can be more expensive, especially for larger or more detailed designs.

  • Best For

    Logos, brand names, uniforms, hats, polos, and where a premium and professional look is desired.

Heat Press & Vinyl Printing

Heat press involves applying heat and pressure to transfer a design (usually on a vinyl or transfer paper) onto the fabric.

  • Advantages

    Versatility: Works on a wide range of fabrics and colors.

    Color Options: Can accommodate multiple colors and detailed designs.

    Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable, especially for small

  • Limitations

    Durability: The design may crack, peel, or fade over time with washing and wear.

    Feel: The design sits on top of the fabric and may have a plastic or rubbery feel.

  • Best For

    Small quantities, T-shirts, jerseys, personalized apparel, and a variety of colors and fabrics.