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TacticTabs Coaching Board

TacticTabs Coaching Board

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Pressure Sensitive LCD Tactics Board offering an intuitive screen for acurate sketches & plans.

28cm x 19cm

  • Lanyard - To connect stylus to tablet, helps to stop stylus getting lost!
  • Stylus - Precision writing with natural feel.
  • Carry Case - Durable protection for your tactics.
  • Sunlight friendly display - perfect for outdoor sessions with a clear, glare free, view.
  • Eco-friendly & reusable - sustainable choice allowing endless rewrites.
  • Instant erase feature - one-touch clean slate for fresh strategies.
  • Lock screen function - secure your plans from accidental erasures.
  • Durable & Portable - withstands occasional drops & travel friendly.
  • Comprehensive Coaching Aid - suitable for drills, line ups & analysis.
  • Clear communication - ensures every team member understands your vision.