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TK Hockey

TK Maxi Junior 23/24

TK Maxi Junior 23/24

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Bow Mid/Standard Bow
Material Wooden
Age Range Junior
Season 2023/24

The TK Hockey Maxi Blue/Orange is the perfect stick for kids and juniors who want to start their hockey career. This Maxi is a wooden stick that will give the best up close control and comfort of any wooden stick.


Ignite the fire of young hockey enthusiasts with our exceptional entry-level sticks.

Crafted from high-quality Mulberry wood and reinforced with glass fibre, these sticks deliver the perfect blend of durability and performance for junior players ready to conquer the game.

Unleash their potential from the very beginning and watch them soar to new heights!

Ready to embark on an epic hockey adventure? The M Series is the ultimate companion for junior players who are ready to ignite their journey to greatness!

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing designs that adorn these sticks, instantly fuelling your excitement and sparking a fire within you to conquer the pitch like a true champion. Crafted with meticulous care, these sticks combine the finest Mulberry wood with glassfibre reinforcements, creating an extraordinary fusion of durability and performance that sets the stage for an exceptional starter experience.

  • Shape: Junior Control Bow
  • Composition: Mulberry, Glassfibre Reinforcement

Our Mulberry wood is carefully selected for its durability, consistency, and flexibility. The wood is then combined with glassfibre for added reinforcement.

Elevate your game to extraordinary heights with our newly redesigned Control Bow. Experience the precision and finesse of a thinner bottom hand and shaft profile, coupled with a sharper angle on the back of the head. With its sweeping profile, this shape is meticulously crafted to provide unrivalled support for your complete 360-degree skill set.

  • Bow Peak: 24mm
  • Bow Position: 235mm